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What is Egg Coffee? Charcoal Coffee? Where are they from?

There appear to be countless types and flavors available when it comes to coffee. It's simple to find a coffee that delights your palate, from iced coffee to cold brew to specialized lattes. But have you ever heard of egg coffee, sesame coffee, or charcoal coffee? These odd concoctions may seem peculiar, but among coffee connoisseurs seeking something a little bit different, they are becoming more and more popular.
Using coffee beans that have been roasted with activated carbon, charcoal coffee, also referred to as activated charcoal coffee, is made. A type of carbon called activated charcoal has undergone oxygen treatment to make it extremely porous, enabling it to absorb toxins and impurities. Coffee beans that have been roasted with activated charcoal are alleged to have a mellower, more refined flavor than regular coffee beans. While the precise origin of charcoal coffee is unknown, it has become more common in cafes and coffee shops all over the world. Some people also argue that drinking charcoal coffee has several beneficial health effects, including boosting digestion and lessening bloating. There is, however, little credible scientific proof to back up these assertions.
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Black sesame coffee is a type of coffee made from roasted coffee beans and ground black sesame seeds. It is thought to have originated in Taiwan, where it has recently gained popularity as a unique and flavorful alternative to traditional coffee. Black sesame seeds have a nutty, slightly sweet flavor and are frequently used in Asian dishes such as desserts and savory snacks. The flavor of the sesame seeds combines with the flavor of the coffee in black sesame coffee to produce a rich and fragrant beverage. Similar to charcoal coffee, some people assert that black sesame coffee has health advantages, including strengthening the immune system and enhancing digestion.
On the other hand, egg coffee is a traditional Vietnamese coffee beverage made with egg yolks, sugar, and coffee. The egg yolks are whipped with sugar to make a thick, creamy foam, which is then added to strong black coffee. The outcome is a thick, velvety beverage with a flavor described as being slightly sweet and malty. The invention of egg coffee dates back to the 1940s, when a lack of milk in Vietnam induced the development of this unusual coffee beverage. Although it may sound strange, egg coffee has developed a devoted following among coffee enthusiasts in Vietnam and elsewhere.
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So, are these odd and peculiar coffees worth trying? That ultimately depends on you and your preferences. You might enjoy trying charcoal, sesame, or egg coffee if you're someone who is constantly seeking out new and unusual flavors. What other entertaining, distinctive, and fascinating coffee have you tried? Let us know in the comments section below!
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