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Why Colombian coffee is AMAZING

Colombian coffee is well-known for its distinct flavor and high quality. The beans are grown in the lush mountains of the Andes by generations of farmers who have perfected the art of coffee cultivation. Colombian coffee is widely regarded as the best in the world due to its rich, smooth flavor and aroma. But what makes Colombian coffee unique and what distinguishes it from other types of coffee? Let’s look at why Colombian coffee is the best and what distinguishes it from other coffees on the market. We will delve into the world of Colombian coffee to discover what makes it so special, from the ideal growing conditions to the traditional methods used to process the beans. So, whether you're a coffee expert or a casual coffee drinker, this post will help you understand why Colombian coffee may be the best in the world.

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Why is Colombian Coffee so special?

Colombia is well-known for producing some of the world's best coffee. Colombian coffee is unique because of the harmony of climate and geography, as well as the fact that they grow 100% arabica coffee beans. Colombia has a distinct climate that is ideal for coffee cultivation, with an ideal range of temperatures and just the right amount of rainfall. The country's climate ranges from tropical to subtropical, allowing for a variety of coffee growing regions. Furthermore, the country has many mountains and valleys that provide ideal high-elevation conditions for coffee cultivation. Because these conditions are ideal for arabica coffee cultivation, Colombia produces 100% arabica coffee, the delicious stuff you and I drink all day.

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Another important factor that contributes to the high quality of Colombian coffee is the country's unique processing methods. For centuries, Colombian coffee farmers have used traditional processing methods such as washing and sun-drying the coffee beans. As a result, the coffee is cleaner, more flavorful, and defect-free. Furthermore, Colombian coffee is hand-picked, ensuring that only the ripest and best-quality beans are used.

Where is the most coffee grown in Colombia?

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The coffee triangle, also known as the coffee axis, contains much of the coffee grown in Colombia. This region includes the departments of Caldas, Quindío, and Risaralda and is part of the Paisa region. This region's climatic conditions are ideal for coffee farming. The area is known for producing premium roast coffee with a distinct and exceptional flavor that is produced in large quantities to meet the demands of the international market. Furthermore, the coffee grown in this region is some of the world's most consistent and high-quality coffee, making it a favorite among coffee buyers and roasters. The coffee triangle is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, demonstrating the cultural significance and high quality of the coffee grown there.


Why is Colombian coffee so common?

Colombian coffee is so common because of a double harvest. The coffee triangle in Colombia benefits from the unusual phenomenon of two large coffee harvests per year, which ensures a consistent supply of coffee beans year-round. The double harvest ensures that the coffee beans are always fresh and at their peak of ripeness, which, combined with the region's ideal conditions, results in a smooth and well-balanced coffee that is produced in massive quantities twice a year, something few other coffee regions and nations can match. Colombian coffee is a popular choice for coffee lovers all over the world because double crop yield results in far greater supply, which leads to more affordable coffee of premium quality.

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Where is the best coffee grown in Colombia?

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Colombia's best coffee is grown at higher elevations in the country's south, in what is known as the NEW coffee triangle. The Nario, Huila, and Tolima departments of the new coffee triangle are known for producing some of the best coffee in the country. This region's high elevations provide ideal growing conditions for coffee, with cooler temperatures, more sunlight, less humidity, and a longer ripening season, resulting in a distinct and exceptional taste of higher acidity and a complex body with numerous flavor nuances. This region is regarded as a hidden gem for coffee enthusiasts seeking a truly unique and high-quality cup of Colombian coffee. Here, coffee is among the most distinctive and rare in the world, making it a favorite among specialty coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs.


Where is the most unique coffee grown in Colombia?

Coastal coffee from departments bordering the Mediterranean, such as La Guajira, Magdalena, Atlántico, Bolivar, Sucre, and Cordoba, is arguably some of the country's most distinctive. The coffee plants pull their nutrients from a very nutrient dense, elevated pH soil in sedimentary, calcareous rock, resulting in fruity, moderate acid, plush coffee that is delightful. The richness and ripeness of the flavor are also largely due to the area's warm, mild temperatures and high humidity. It is one of the most distinctive and unique coffees in the country, and it is a must-try for coffee enthusiasts looking for something different and special. The unique flavor profile of this coffee is due to the coastal region's unique combination of climate, soil, and processing methods.

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What does Colombian coffee taste like?

specialty premium roast coffee from Colombia on a scale for weighingColombian coffee is best described as mild and well-balanced in flavor. The perfect climate, geography, and high-quality beans combine to produce a smooth and flavorful cup of coffee with notes ranging from fruit to nuts to chocolate and caramel. The flavor profiles of coffee grown in different regions of the country will differ, but Colombian coffee is known for its balanced and smooth taste with approachable but elevated acidity. Whether you're drinking coffee from the coffee axis, the high-altitude new coffee triangle, or the coast, you're getting some of the best coffee in the world. Colombian coffee is a tasty and versatile coffee that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, from espresso to pour over to cold brew. Try our single origin, premium roast coffee from Colombia and see for yourself!

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