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Brazil Santos

Brazil Santos

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This elegant single-origin, medium roast coffee opens to a smooth taste with notes of cocoa, carries through with a gentle sweetness and finishes off with bright acidity, making for a perfect cup. Our recommendation? Sweeten a cup with one teaspoon of honey!

Known as one of the most prolific and dedicated coffee producers, Brazil is responsible for over a third of all annual coffee production worldwide, making it the largest producer of coffee- a title it has held for over 150 years.

The Parana region, being the southern-most coffee growing region in the world, is known to produce some of the best coffee at surprisingly low altitudes, never exceeding 950 meters. Yet, with exclusively 100% arabica beans, the region produces clean, sweet coffee with bright acidity, representative of distinct quality. Due to its southern location, the region experiences cooler weather with lots of sunshine, allowing for very slow maturation, creating powerful beans. 

Brazilian coffee is often designated by the port it is shipped through and this coffee is no exception. The highest quality coffees are shipped through the port of Santos!


Natural- Passive drying of the coffee cherry to separate the seed from the pulp. This allows the sugars and nutrients of the cherry to enter the seed, making for a more complex and interesting flavor profile, similarly to how aging red wine on the skin to impart a more complex body and tannin structure. Additionally, natural coffee offers a more environmentally conscious alternative to washed coffees as it requires no water waste.

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