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Ethiopia Harrar

Ethiopia Harrar

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This sun-dried or naturally processed coffee offers an extremely full body with a taste profile of dry berries reminiscent of red wine, honey, and chocolate tones. The nose offers notable floral and jasmine components. The medium roast offers a higher level of caffeine with a body balanced between the fruit, earth, and baking notes.

Our Ethiopia Harrar single-origin coffee is the bigger, bolder, and higher quality sibling of out Ethiopia Natural Coffee, which is also reflected in the price increase. For true coffee lovers, give this single-origin a shot (of espresso) and compare it to our Ethiopia Natural to discover how different the two can be! 

Considered the birthplace of the coffee plant and coffee culture, Ethiopia has been growing and sipping coffee since the ninth century. All the coffee is grown on mountainside fincas that are on elevations of 1500 to 2200 meters.


SHG/SHB- “Strictly Hard Bean/ Strictly High Grown”; a qualification of this coffee that certifies this coffee to be grown at high altitudes, specifically above 1350m, arguably the ideal height for gourmet coffee. The long maturation of the coffee cherries allows for greater development of nutrients in the bean, making them denser and more flavorful. This makes for a complex body and balance with the right amount of acidity to bring all the components together.

Natural- Passive drying of the coffee cherry to separate the seed from the pulp. This allows the sugars and nutrients of the cherry to enter the seed, making for a more complex and interesting flavor profile, similarly to how aging red wine on the skin imparts a more complex body and tannin structure. Additionally, natural coffee offers a more environmentally conscious alternative to washed coffees.


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