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Final Grind Coffee Co.

Indonesia / India

Indonesia / India

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A medium roast of Robusta beans, this high-caffeine, low acidity coffee lends itself perfectly for an energizing espresso.

India and Indonesia coffees are generally fuller-bodied and rich, with a focus on deeper spicier notes as well as low acidity. This single origin is not selective between the two countries of origin and changes based on supply and price, to provide you the best value and quality! 


Robusta- the other common variety of coffee beans aside from arabica. This bean is known to have significantly more caffeine but overall fewer flavor dynamics, making it less ideal for brewed coffee than espresso. 

Natural- Passive drying of the coffee cherry to separate the seed from the pulp. This allows the sugars and nutrients of the cherry to enter the seed, making for a more complex and interesting flavor profile, similarly to how aging red wine on the skin imparts a more complex body and tannin structure. Additionally, natural coffee offers a more environmentally conscious alternative to washed coffees as it requires no water waste.

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