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Kenya AB

Kenya AB

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This medium-light roast single-origin coffee offers a fruity, well-balanced cup of coffee with bright acidity, making this the perfect representation of authentic Kenya coffee.

Kenya coffee is considered one of the top specialty coffees in the world and many prefer the AB over the AA grade. The coffee is harvested on the slopes of Mt. Kenya and is washed and sun-dried.


AB- The second-highest grading of African coffee after AA, AB grade is equally rated as a premium coffee but at a discount, offering the best price-value comparison for you. It is made by blending A and B grades which are the different size sortings with A being sorted over a 6.8mm screen while B is sorted over 6.2mm screen. 

Natural- Passive drying of the coffee cherry to separate the seed from the pulp. This allows the sugars and nutrients of the cherry to enter the seed, making for a more complex and interesting flavor profile, similarly to how aging red wine on the skin imparts a more complex body and tannin structure. Additionally, natural coffee offers a more environmentally conscious alternative to washed coffees as it requires no water waste.

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