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Reflective of the better specialty-grade coffees of Mexico, this medium roast, single-origin features a delicate, dry body with slightly sweet notes of cinnamon and chocolate and an acidic snap similar to a green apple to finish off the experience.

Grown between jungles and mountain ranges, coffee from Mexico is flooded with nutrients and is grown to the perfect ripeness in sun-beaten elevations. Their coffee is primarily exported to northern Europe, most notably to the high-end coffee houses of Germany, which value the stellar quality of Mexico’s beans. The majority of their farms are indigenous-operated, resulting in organic or near-organic coffee production and the trade with coffee directly stimulates their economy.


EP- “European Preparation”; a processing verification that guarantees the beans are hand-sorted to remove any sub-par beans and foreign material such as dirt and leaves.

Organic- USDA's National Organic Program regulates the standards for any farm that wants to sell an agricultural product as organically produced. Organic production methods replenish and maintain soil fertility and reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides and fertilizers. To be considered organic, a third-party certification organization must verify that the farmer followed organic production methods in accordance with the United States Organic Foods Production Act of 1990. Try a bag and compare it to our other single-origins and let us know what you think! 

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