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Medium roast single-origin offering aromas of cocoa and citrus notes with tastes of floral, citrus, and some chocolate notes making for a refreshing, easy-drinking cup with a milder, yet bright acidity when compared to other South American varietals.

Coffee contributes significantly to the Nicaraguan economy, being among the nation’s primary means of foreign exchange and serving as the economic backbone for thousands of rural communities. The tens of thousands of coffee farms often grow their crop in a matter that preserves precious forests and threatened biodiversity.


SHG/SHB- “Strictly Hard Bean/ Strictly High Grown”; a qualification of this coffee that certifies this coffee to be grown at high altitudes, specifically above 1350m, arguably the ideal height for gourmet coffee. The long maturation of the coffee cherries allows for greater development of nutrients in the bean, making them denser and more flavorful. This makes for a complex body and balance with the right amount of acidity to bring all the components together.

EP- “European Preparation”; a processing verification that guarantees the beans are hand-sorted to remove any sub-par beans and foreign material such as dirt and leaves. 

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