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This medium-light roast coffee presents floral aromas and jasmine with soft and smooth fruit notes of pear and strawberry on the palate. 

This African-based single-origin coffee is grown on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru near the Kenyan border. Tanzanian coffee is typically known for its characteristically sharp and winy acidity with a medium to full body and fairly rich flavor. This specific single-origin is closely sourced from the Kilimanjaro region which exhibits soft, floral profiles reminiscent of similar Ethiopian roasts.


AB- The second-highest grading of African coffee after AA, AB grade is equally rated as a premium coffee but at a discount, offering the best price-value comparison for you. It is made by blending A and B grades which are the different size sortings with A being sorted over a 6.8mm screen while B is sorted over 6.2mm screen.

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